Enter The Cycle


Enter The Cycle

Welcome to THE CYCLE: Ibiza

A 12-day recalibration sound journey to elevate your consciousness and rise in your Spiritual Gifts.

A carefully curated experience with 12 consecutive days of healing through light frequency healing and 6 daily practices to complete the formula of a full body, mind, and spirit recalibration

We are entering a complete and total shift in consciousness

This is our GLOBAL Wake-Up Call: 

Healing our wounds of division

What is a Cycle?


A repeat loop you’ve been unconsciously or consciously stuck in. The same vibration = the same result. The same circle, round and round unending—- UNTIL YOU BREAK THE CYCLE by opening the circle through a spiral.

To do so takes a massive concrete SHIFT which we will experience together through the Lions Gate and energy of Ibiza, Spain as we continue to spiral out for one 12 day “cycle.”


Why Sound?

 [The body is 75% water, and water is our greatest conductor for sound vibration. When vibration flows through the body it promotes energy flow, circulation. Our brainwaves then synchronize with the sound, reducing stress levels and assisting in our optimal health.]

Now take the experience and add universal energy codes tailored to your healing. 

In THE CYCLE we will be channeling direct angelic light frequencies and karmic work THROUGH sound vibration to correspond with YOUR elevation in consciousness in a full and carefully curated program for your shift and “level up” to take place. This is intentional, profound, and yet also easier to integrate.

Your ascension is crucial.

The magic within you is calling…

Will you answer the call? 


I'm ready!


Shift into your truth


THE CYCLE consists of 12 consecutive days of recalibration recalibration with SIX live (~60 minute) videos and SIX (~ 30 minute) with daily videos (30-60 min), 3 bonus videos, and 3 LIVE interactive bonus coaching calls, as well as 6 daily practices (top secret!) to give a 360 degree recalibration and elevate your consciousness. 

Phase I

LIONS GATE - Collapse of Ego

Day 1
Clearing shame and hiding desire. Clearing unhealthy attachment. Remembering who you are.

Day 2
Clearing lust, hunger for ego led power (in love, wealth...)

Day 3
Clearing unhealthy relationship to money, greed, and other wealth blocks

Day 4
Releasing the Priestess Wound/Witch Wound

Phase II

Soul and Heart Connection

Day 5
Healing in the Heart: Love in the past 

Day 6
Healing in the heart: Love in the past - Part II (Family)

Day 7
Clearing Disloyalty and false friends into Sisterhood into Authentic Connections

Day 8 
“Fearless Leader”, Self Belief Clearing & Activation


Phase III

Heart-led MAGIC.

Day 9
Heart Activation LOVE: Leading from the heart

Day 10
Opening & Deepening Gifts Ceremony   

Day 11
Leading from the heart Part II - Activating Dream Life

Day 12
Loving togetherness and miracle state

Entering this CYCLE ignites a promise to:

Not consume alcohol or drugs during the program or anything else that can temporarily lower your vibrational state.


  • [BONUS VIDEO]: basic energetic shielding and my top tips to remove lower vibrational energy out of your system [value: $555] - Included FREE
  • [BONUS VIDEO]: from la Vedra to enter the vibration of this portal to be used in connection and meditation [Priceless]
  • [BONUS VIDEO]: secret tips for spiritual entrepreneurs 
  • THREE Live support coaching calls to aid your process 
Let's Go!


Sound was my first gift from the Universe and is my strongest portal. It is my main conductor of electricity and access to light energy. MY FIRST and main gift: to conduct healing through transmissions in the voice as a trained professional musician (1 talent Visa, 3 albums, and 2 degrees later in voice)

I went on to become a Reiki Master in Karuna Holy Fire and Usui Reiki. I went on to be personally attuned by spirit to clear karmic patterns in others - leading thousands to their healing through MoonRising and having done the work myself for 5 non-stop years to be a true and clear portal of channeled healing transmissions.

Now, The CYCLE brings it all together into a new stage of global healing.
A note from the creator:

Why Ibiza?

Different locations around the world unlock different codes within us.

This marks our second CYCLE in a series of frequency recalibration programs made around the globe designed to completely shift your consciousness and elevate you beyond your wildest dreams which began with the unforgettable spark of an idea in Dubai in March 2020. 

Ibiza is the home of La Vedra: the THIRD most powerful portal in the world with good reason.

Ibiza is here to call the healers of the world forward to exponentially RISE.

That’s why this is the FIRST full healing program to include spiritual work such as opening and deepening gifts.

It is the Spiritual awakening and deepening experience that your soul has been waiting for since the beginning…

Emily Moon


  • Countless clients have gone on to make their first 6 figure and multi-six figure year
  • Another made her first 2k pay in full sale immediately after her first session and then went on to have her first 100k year.
  • Another had their first 10K week
  • Multiple clients have ended debt and HUNDREDS healed their relationship with money


  • Another closed on a house immediately after a clearing.
  • Multiple other clients found and moved into their perfect home during programs.
  • Many clients have shared they found their dream soul partnership during or right after a program!
  • Another saw a major change in a chronic pain condition.
  • Another got the biggest orchestra commission opportunity possible
  • Another completely ended all health concerns
  • Countless clients have reported feeling upgrades so big that they were able to impact more

Others have healed eczema, lost the stubborn weight they couldn’t for years, ended perfectionism, put an end to anxiety, healed their Father wound, totally fixed their health, no longer felt indebted to others...and many are celebrating new and healthy relationships!

Are you ready to enter a new cycle?

What makes this so different?

We know that a walk in the park raises our mood, or that a glass of wine temporarily masks it. We know that exercise and reiki lifts us. …but so much of what is out there is temporary in its effect.

If we have vibrationally been holding grief, fear, or resistance to our goals for example, we attract more of what causes heart distress and loss, what makes us afraid, and situations that keep us feeling limited.

If we move our frequency up the ladder permanently (and not just some temporary bandaid on YouTube which isn’t effective anyway ;-) ) then what we attract into our lives shifts massively to bring us closer to our desires in ALL areas.

This is where the flow, miracles, luck, love, and wealth in which life changed for the better for good can come in.

A true level up in our state of consciousness.

Where this cycle is PIVOTAL is that it not only involves a shift in cycle, and DEEP healing, but it also invites us to a ceremony where we deepen our gifts and awaken new ones in the energy of Ibiza, Spain.

Call To Action

It is time to awaken together the next level of our magic

enter the cycle

 If you’ve been working with MoonRising for a while, you know that we hold the keys to healing from all timelines we have, THIS is the expanded NEXT LEVEL of that work and the product of the level-up that I have received.. 

interweave healing at the source of where all imbalances begin by accessing the unique Universal codes to heal timelines.

As a top expert globally in sound, I invite you into a unique sound world with a life-changing experience. 

BUT WHY DO WE WANT TO CLIMB the spiral of consciousness?


It’s a climb that brings you closer and closer to the real YOU - an eternal, infinite being who does not know what it is to feel separate from anything - love, money, power.

Closer to the real YOU - who has faith, love, patience, and grace for yourself and everyone else. Unafraid to allow the world to see your magic, and happy as heck with your own company.

During these days, we are releasing the toxic energy that has held you back and unwinding to rewire our energy and consciousness. Opening the pathways for new cycles to begin. It is time to recalibrate your energetic cycle and elevate your consciousness.

It is time to break old cycles and create new ones

Enter the cycle
Your ticket to change your life

Registration closes on

August 4th!

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+ BONUS: Siren Song for Luck

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