MoonRising: Your Key To


The MoonRising Method: Soul Ascension.

Remember the Power of Who You Truly Are.

Clearing Your Soul’s Karmic Patterns to Ascend Into Your Destiny.

What is The MoonRising Method?

After guiding thousands of individuals through the signature MoonRising Method, we have discovered the blueprint on how to change your world.

This is not a light, temporary healing modality -- this is essential to LEAPING forward in your life trajectoryThere are but two ways to permanently change your energetic body massively: a near death experience or karma clearing.

The MoonRising Method is comprised of: Karma Clearing, Sound Medicine, Activations, Reiki, and Custom Channeled Healing straight from your Guides.


What karmas are holding you back from your dream life?


What is Karma? 

"Karmas" (or samskaras) are energetic imprints in your aura. They are patterns you are experiencing in your current reality that originated from traumatic experiences in your past, present, future, or parallel lifetimes. When you release them, you break free from your repeated cycles and obstacles.

On the other side of this continued work, it allows you have everything you desire. More wealth, better relationships, better sex ;-), endless opportunities, optimal health, Spiritual Awakening, and most of all: this allows you to be more YOU and thus more easily achieve your soul mission.

Why is Karma Clearing important over other healing modalities?

Most healing methods focus on our physical and emotional bodies, our mindset, our subconscious. 

Karmic work deals with the energetic body. In this work, we’re finding and releasing the original causes of your inner traumas, experiences, perceptions, expectations, beliefs, fears, and clearing them permanently and activating higher frequencies to upgrade your energy.

Past Client: "I tried breathwork, Reiki, Manifestation, Trauma Healing, EMDR, Therapy, Inner Child Work, Tapping, Theta Healing, Brainwave Therapy, Psychics, etc and NOTHING solved [my goal] as directly as working with MoonRising. The changes since MoonRising are permanent, and I've only ever leapt forward in my love life, health, Spiritual and career since. This was the best investment I ever made."

Since 2019, I have seen my soul-centered, high-achieving clients’ businesses explode after healing their karmas.

I have seen LIFETIMES of trauma and abuse be healed.

I have seen people who thought love was unreachable for them find their life partners.

I have seen creative people find the courage to begin sharing their ideas and allowing their creativity to sustain them.

I have seen spiritually curious people have their spiritual gifts open after clearing their karma and have their psychic, intuitive, and healing gifts open.

I’ve had the privilege to watch clients use their gifts to help OTHERS.
Being at the center of that ripple effect is the greatest privilege I can imagine.

The growth I have experienced has been transformational.

I went from experiencing childhood abuse, poverty, and a life of being an unknown singer in Boston to an international award-winning opera singer [you can find me on itunes], and CEO of a multi six-figure business healing thousands of people all over the world. I traded sleeping on couches and in motels for a million-dollar home in Notting Hill (London), a life of luxury travel, soul aligned friendships, and love.

I have gone from hiding who I am and hiding my gifts to LEADING with them, and I’ve watched as countless clients have ascended into their transformational success story.

If you stay in my space, your life will transform beyond your wildest dreams.